On Blessings

I finished the tree skirt. Finally, after a month, it is done. And I love it. Cardinals are a thing with our family and this just … fits. And as I look at it, I know I want to write. About Christmas and family, and friends, and blessings. 

The more I thought about what to write, I casually cruised thru Facebook. And I realized. 

It’s not my blessings that need to be shared. I have many and I am so very happy with my life. But there are some blessings that are just magical this year. 

There’s this guy and this girl that I know. They’re pretty cool, as guys and girls go. They have a very unique story. Maybe not so unique anymore, in this day and age, but unique to me. And hey, it’s my story. 😂

They met online. And from what I understand, the girl kicked the boys’ behind several times. Something about castles and hoards and trolls and things that I’m too old to totally understand anymore. And over time, they fell in love. 

They lived in different states. And there was a little bit of an age difference. After some time, she arranged to risk everything, and left home to be with him. 

The odds were stacked against them. But the stars were aligned just right, I think. There were many people who didn’t think they would make it. I think they may have even been told that by some, but if you knew them, you could see it. They were absolutely meant for each other. 

Now, she’s working on her masters in accounting. He has a pretty good job. They have two beautiful girls. I got to be there when the first was born and I’ve never witnessed anything more beautiful. And this weekend – they closed on their first house. 

For Christmas, y’all!  They bought a house for Christmas!

When I was think about that – it makes my heart smile. ❤️

I have my own blessings that are uniquely mine. And I am so grateful. But one of those blessings has been being able to watch Ryan and Ashley do the whole life thing and get it right. 


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