Who Cares?

When the question becomes “when” instead of “if.” 

When you start to wonder “where” instead of “why.”

When you begin to realize that what may seem random actually is, but not because it’s organized. It’s because we’ve lost our humanity. 

People have always challenged authority. Today’s legends are the last century’s traitors. Coups to overthrow governments have happened since the beginning of time. Whether it’s on a local level, or a worldwide platform, it’s not anything new. 

What is new is that we hear about it now as it happens. What may be new is the insensitivity to it. But what is not new is change.  We have changed how we react because now we see it so much, we have developed ways to compartmentalize it. We ALL know that it’s not right. Even those that are perpetuating the violence. And yet it continues. 

Who cares? 

I care. 

We all do. 

Or at least, we should. 


About Chelle

I'm just me. WYSIWYG. A little dash of hyper, a little more of sarcasm. And a whole bunch of honesty.
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