We Hold These Truths…

Today is an in-between day. Not only in 2016, but in history as well. July 3rd has no special significance in and of itself. 

July 2, 1776 – the Continental Congress voted to approve a Virginia motion calling for separation from Britain and the words of this resolution were added to the closing of the Declaration of Independence. 

July 2, 2016 – we celebrated with family and friends by having a cookout and swimming, and a celebration of a young man moving to the next chapter of his life. 

July 3, 1776 – I can imagine Thomas Jefferson and others standing before the Continental Congress and passionately arguing for support. For people to put their trust in them and to do what they felt deep within their hearts was the right – the only – thing to do. 

July 3, 2016 – I have had a lazy morning, thinking about trimming rose bushes and reading books and watching some television. And wondering if I should take a drive somewhere, just for fun. 

240 years ago, I imagine that there were very few people in the colonies laying around reading a book, contemplating laying out on the sun and thinking of taking a leisurely drive to somewhere unknown. Thomas Jefferson was busy trying to create a new nation. The British army was busy trying to figure out where to attack and where they would be attacked. And they likely never thought there was any real chance that the Continentals would be successful. 

And yet. 

Only July 4, 1776 – the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted by 12 colonies after some minor revisions. (New York waited until July 19). 

Let’s not forget what we’re celebrating tomorrow. And remember that it didn’t just happen on A day. It started long before that, around 1765, and carried on until 1881 or so. And continues still today. 

Land of the free. Because of the brave. 


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