The Lost Art of Writing A Letter

I have a special gift for someone that I’ve been trying to get in the mail for a few weeks now. One thing and then another have caused me to put it off, but my real procrastination was the letter that I wanted to write. 

I would sit down to write, and the paper remained blank. There was so much to say that everything would get bottled up and just would not free up. It is an important letter to me, and I wanted it to be perfect. Serious, yet funny. Touching, but not sad. Inspirational, but not over the top. So for a while, the words wouldn’t come. 

Today, I finally sat down and started.  I probably could’ve written more if I had used the computer. But that’s cheating. This was/is, deeply personal. So I wrote it by hand. More than a page later, I am done and it is ready to mail. 

As I set it by my purse, my boss came in and happened to see it. He stared, wrinkles up his nose, and in a suspicious tone, asked what “that” was. I explained that it was a letter to a very special young lady and I was getting ready to mail it. 

“Why on earth did you hand write it,” he asked. “People use computers and email now.”

I told him the story of an amazing, wonderful, courageous, fierce little girl, who had become a beautiful young lady, and how I felt that handwritten notes are a large part of it. 

I know he doesn’t understand. But that’s ok. I know others that do. And they make my heart happy. 


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2 Responses to The Lost Art of Writing A Letter

  1. Yvonne says:

    Aaaaaand, I’m crying……


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