Stuff You Should Know (and haven’t had time to learn)

I’ve recently discovered podcasts. I’ve “known” about them, but never really paid any attention. 

This stuff is better than listening to Old Time Radio Shows!  

Of course, I haven’t delved into anything too deep, but am staying with things like “The Way I Heard It” (by Mike Rowe), and “Stuff You Should Know” and “Things You Didn’t Learn in History Class” (both from the History Channel, I think). 

Most are about 30 minutes in length, so they’re perfect for commuting. “The Way I Heard It” is only 5 minutes long, and bills itself as “the only podcast designed for people with short attention spans” (or something similar).  This would be my favorite, because 

  • a) it’s Mike Rowe,
  • b) it’s short, and
  • c) it’s Mike Rowe. 

Did I mention Mike Rowe?  He’s just got the best voice to listen to. With his deep baritone, he narrates a story about a random individual that you may have heard if, but didn’t know the whole story. The latest episode was about a guy named Jimmy, who liked loud music. He tried and tried to be a musician in a band, but never seemed to make it stick. Eventually, he created a device that made music even louder. Today, we see Marshall amps everywhere – created by Jim Marshall. Different stories like that are so interesting, especially when told by Mike Rowe. 😎❤️😎

The latest episode of “Stuff You Should Know” was about chiggers. Which I found especially fascinating, because I’m dealing with them as I type. My forays into cemeteries (aka abandoned fields) the last week or so has naturally brought me in contact with the wee devils. And the resulting bites are driving me mad. I’m one of the lucky ones that had a very strong reaction to insect bites, and I end up with large welts. And the itching makes me crazy.  

But – chiggers aren’t insects. They’re arachnids. And the itching is from the little tube they create when they bite, and the reaction to their spit, which liquifies the skin so that they can suck it up. I learned this from the podcast today. Which made me realize – all these chigger bites – are from miniature little spiders. That are sucking my skin with little straws. 

Eww. Now I’m itching even more. But I also learned – they don’t burrow into your skin, so clear nail polish doesn’t work. The best remedies are warm showers, and anti-itch cream, like topical Benadryl or cortisone cream. I personally have found that apple cider vinegar works, and you get the added bonus of smelling like an Easter egg. Who doesn’t like Easter eggs?

If you haven’t discovered podcasts yet, and you have time to kill on a long ride, you should try it.  It’s kind of fun, learning new stuff. And you’ll find that suddenly you have things to talk about when the conversation lags. 

Weekly Discovery Challenge: Learning


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  1. Those chiggers can itch like crazy.
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