Doors and Doorbells

The last few weekends I’ve done a lot of walking. A LOT of walking. Today, I walked for 3 hours and 45 minutes, and I rang doorbells and knocked on doors at 102 houses.

102. That’s a lot of ringing and knocking. And walking. My Apple Health app tells me I walked over 6 miles. That’s kinda cool.

Something interesting happens when you ring a lot of doorbells. You begin to notice front doors. And doorbells. (Disclaimer – the following pictures are not from the houses I actually visited. They’re random google results).

Some of the doors were impressive. Stout and sturdy.

Some doorbells were nice and pretty.

But sometimes, the doors were a little weathered and the doorbells had seen better days.

It really made me think today. Doors are the entryway into someone’s life. And doorbells are like a question or a request to be admitted into someone’s life. We read about opening doors, and new opportunities – when one door closes another opens and all that. But we never think about the request.

The very first door I knocked on a few weeks ago was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’m not overly outgoing naturally – I have to work at it. So walking up to that first door, and ringing that first doorbell – knowing I was about to ask someone to give me an opportunity to introduce myself – was very nerve-wracking. I got lucky – he was a genuinely nice guy and he put me at ease. The next house was only slightly easier. But today, by the 350th house?  You still don’t know what’s behind door #351. But ringing the doorbell isn’t so hard anymore.

I have not yet (knock on wood) encountered anyone mean or grumpy. Everyone’s been all smiles. Sure, some don’t want me sticking around too long – you get a feel for that. But every single person has been nice and polite. And a few even wanted to talk to me and ask me my thoughts.

Doorbells are the beginning.



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