Analyzing. Thinking. Planning. My brain is in overdrive. 

Does anyone else over-anal-yze everything?  I have to have scenarios for everything. What did it mean when they said this. What should I have done then. What’s the best way to do that. I think it makes me crazy sometimes.

I like being busy. That’s not what’s making me nuts. It’s the over-planning that gets to me. I have 31 signs out. I have to get the two big ones out. Now. Can’t today because the ground was too hard and the hammer wasn’t enough to drive the stake into the ground. I think I need one more big sign. I’m so thankful for friends that put theirs out or let me put them out and that have passed out more. I still have two to deliver. Flyers were printed and then I saw the spelling error. Damn my spelling. Correct and print. Get my hair done. Plan which subdivision/area to visit tomorrow. But I have to get those signs out. Which means a trip to Pappys to get the pounder thing.

It’s like that every. single. day. I will be nuts by the time the next 64 days pass by. What will be, will be, but I sure do want the opportunity to try.

I’ll be dreaming of signs tonight.


About Michelle Barton

Things I find myself asking or saying in everyday life.
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