Bored … Or Hungry?

New low on the scale today.(or high, depending on how you want to look at it – it was a good number and let’s me know I’m still making progress).  I hate that I’ve become addicted to that square object. But every morning, faithfully, I’ll stand on it at least three times. Some days, I’ll take an average. Others, I want the low number. Depending on what I’ve got coming up, I may take the high number. But that is exceedingly rare.

As the day goes by, I get cravings for snacks. The difference now is that I can say no. If I’m really really in desperate need of something to eat, I always have my protein bars or almonds. And they seem to take the edge off.

Today though, was one of those days when I wanted to snack. I had an idea it was going to happen right after I woke up – the need to eat something was strong. I’ve been craving eggs for some reason, but by the time I got up, it was too late. I finally caved by having sour creme and some cheese in my soup. Whoo hoo! (And two bites of cornbread)

Anyhow. The point of this post was to write about how I think I often mistake hunger for boredom. Not doing a lot – lets eat a snack. Thinking about too much and so don’t want to do anything – snack time. Each time, that “one little bite” leads to another. And another. So maybe the key is staying busy and not getting bored.

I know. Friends tell me I have too much going on now as it is. How can I stay busier?  I’m not sure, actually. But however it happens, if it keeps me from overeating, I’ll take it.


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