Friday?  Yes, please

It’s been a long week. At least, it felt like a long week until now, when I look back, and it seems like it actually went by pretty fast.

I cherish my weekends now. Saturday is the day that I get to run around and do stuff for me. Things I want to do for me and not anyone else. All week long, I’m committed to doing things for other people, and Saturday is the day that I can do family things. Or not. Some days we have family plans, and other times there’s just nothing planned at all. It’s nice either way.

I love my bed. I could have a love affair with my bed, except that’s just, weird. But my favorite thing about Sunday morning is laying in bed and scrolling through Pinterest or Facebook and finding a recipe or three for dinner that night. While I don’t consider myself a great cook, I enjoy making a shopping list and concocting an interesting meal. Lately, I’ve been fascinated with crockpot meals. The boys tolerate my experiments and every so often I score a keeper.

I have started thinking about what the days will be like when I can retire from my current career and start a new one. Whether that’s being a teacher or a stay at home retiree, I’m not quite sure yet. The two weeks I took off at the end of the year was very, very relaxing. And something that, unfortunately, I could get used to very, very easily.

This post really didn’t have any point to it. Just a reflection on things I enjoy. Here’s to more Fridays.


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