Confessions of a (Former) Skinny Girl

It’s true. I was skinny. Not only was I skinny with a capital “S” – I was extremely thin. (I had good calves though. Great calves, actually). My senior year in high school, the belt for my drill team uniform was 23″ – and it overlapped when I wore it, because it was too loose.

Think about that. My waist was smaller than 23 inches. Ug.
(This brings up the math lesson I got last night on the difference between circumfrence and diameter, and how a grown man wearing a dry suit with atri-ox setup could fit in a 27″ pipe. He didn’t have to be Skinny. Just not claustrophobic. But I digress).

I didn’t think then about what I ate – I ate everything. I very distinctly remember going to my future in-laws house, and future mom-in-law asking me if I wanted a bowl of ice cream (and if I did, would I get her one too, lol). So I put ice cream in our bowls and brought them out – not realizing the that amount that I normally ate was not “normal.” (don’t even ask how much it was, it was “just” a bowl of ice cream. Completely full.) The comment made was “Wow. When Chelle gets a bowl of ice cream, she gets a BOWL OF ICE CREAM!”

I wore white sweat pants with a white top, and was still skinny. Sister telling me about this Skinny “B” she saw at the store wearing white sweat pants and then realzing that Skinny “B” was me. I remember the horror of being a size 6.

Now – I don’t even know where to start. There’s a 6 in my size now…but it’s not the only number. I was just drinking my water and eating an almond (only having 12 today for a snack!), and the thought popped into my head – I want to eat like a Skinny Girl again!

Do Skinny Girls worry about what they eat? I didn’t. I could’ve eaten the high school and wouldn’t gain any weight. Ice cream with powdered koolaid for flavor. And chocolate and butterscotch. Cookie dough. Soda. I had horrible, horrible eating habits. And couldn’t gain a damn pound to save my life.

Let me tell you, Skinny Girls of America. Don’t eat the high school. Sure – you won’t gain any weight. Now. But eventually, your metabolism changes, and you can only eat the administration building without gaining so much weight you don’t recognize yourself anymore, and you’re committed to eating 12 almonds a day to try to get back to within a decade or three of your former glory. But you don’t realize until it’s too late and you keep eating the high school, and the next thing you know – you’re trying to figure out exactly how you’re supposed to survive from just eating 12 almonds.

Off for more water. It’s supposed to make the cravings go away.


About Michelle Barton

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