When You Realize

Most days, I rock along in my little bubble without thinking much about others around me. Sure, I communicate with others, but they are usually just those people in my bubbles of work and home. 

Occasionally, I’ll stumble across a video or a situation that gives me a peek inside other bubbles. The special needs child whose classmates wore ties to school because he had been picked on for it and they wanted him to feel like he had friends. The autistic football player that was given the ball in the last few minutes of the game and both teams helped him make a touchdown. The soldier who comes home and surprises his mom. But these stories never really pierce my own bubble. 

Until this week. It has been made clear to me that the things I take for granted…cell phones, cars, my job, the area I live in…are normal to ME. But not to others. Just in random conversations, I’ve realized that I take way too much for granted. That it’s not  as easy as just telling someone “work hard and you’ll be rewarded.”  Sometimes, there are circumstances to overcome first that are so ingrained, so daunting, that the change can’t happen. Like breeds like, and what a vicious circle it can be. 

I believe that it is our responsibility as people to help others. To do everything we can when we see someone who wants something different. Rather than judge where they ARE, we should push them to go where they CAN. 


About Michelle Barton

Things I find myself asking or saying in everyday life.
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