Lazy Sunday and Random Thoughts

It’s been a wonderful weekend. We celebrated the 4th of July with family and friends. Our extended family from Iowa was down for the weekend and on the 3rd we all went to a Texas Rangers game and then Saturday was spent watching the annual water volleyball game and visiting. Good times. 

I’m back on the (never ending) “diet” for the next three days. Three days on, four days “off.”  Trying this military diet and it seems to be working. 6.3lbs the first three days and only gained back 0.2 over the next 4. We’ll see how this week goes. I can do anything g for three days…

Which got me to thinking about “skinny girls.”  All of us struggling girls look at the skinny ones and think how awesome it would be to be 20 again and to not have to worry about what to eat. But I think we’ve got it wrong. I think back when I was 20, and I was just so much more active. I didn’t consciously exercise when I overate, but I never actually ate as much then as I do now. I don’t think so, anyway. And I have to wonder at how much we don’t see from the skinny girls. I think when we see them eat a hot fudge Sunday…maybe we don’t see them on the treadmill or at the gym the next day burning it off.  Or when we watch them eat just the salad with the dressing on the side, we wish we had that much willpower as we scarf down the breaded chicken or count our calories so we can have a few chips. Maybe…we just need to say no to the chips and go for the salad – all the time. 

That’s my goal in the upcoming weeks. To eat healthy without having to “think” so much about it. I think it’s about discipline. I have to remove myself from the temptations and to quit thinking that it doesn’t matter. It does. 


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