Hello world!

First post on the new site – and it’s kind of boring!  I am not new to blogging, but I am going to try to make it a more regular part of what I do.  It’s kind of fun, jotting down the things that run through my mind.  Actually, a friend of mine started a blog that i enjoy reading (Ramble In the Bramble), and she’s inspired me.  I’m also planning a trip at the end of August that I’m very excited about and wanted to document it.  Other stuff will be icing on the cake, so to speak.  And why not personally add to the world’s vast amount of data?  No one may actually read this but me, but that’s ok.

So about me. Um.  Not much to tell.  I don’t think I’m a very busy person, but others tell me I am.  I’ve been married to my sweetheart since high school (28.5 years now).  Two boys, ages 18 and nearly 20 (20-year old is going on the trip with me in August).  CPA for 22 years (not doing taxes most of the time).  Active in the local school district and community.  I was once a 3rd degree black belt (I say once, because I haven’t trained in a few years.  One day…I’d like to get back into it, but my body isn’t made for it anymore, because…I’m inherently lazy and won’t get it back into shape.  I am still very much in contact with my friends from that time – many have become some of my closest friends).  I love my family – in-laws and outlaws and all the in-betweens.  I have a very defined sense of right and wrong and sometimes it gets me in a pickle.  I abhor bullies.  I’m ready to retire so I can do stuff.  Not sure what “stuff” is yet.  But I’m ready to find out.  Just seven or so more years…(this will be like when we were paying off the house – “just five more years” seemed to last about 10-15).

My mind kind of wanders, but *I* think that’s kind of fun.  It usually makes those I work with a little nuts.  My family is used to it though (at least, my immediate family is.  I’m not really sure I’ve revealed quite all the nuttiness to the rest).


About Michelle Barton

Things I find myself asking or saying in everyday life.
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